DeKalb County
Soil and Water Conservation District
 promoting and supporting
natural resources and habitat conservation
in the metro community

  1. Youth Education
    Youth Education
    Teaching today's youth to be healthy stewards of our future through conservation, urban farming and gardening.
  2. Urban Farming Support
    Urban Farming Support
    Providing urban food producers with a reliable source of expertise and funding opportunities, and a network of resources to promote success at all levels.
  3. Public Stewardship
    Public Stewardship
    The Districts provide ongoing stewardship of metro Atlanta's waters and soils through programming, grants, and support of municipal conservation efforts.
Soil and Water Stewardship
 In FY 2017, Georgia's Soil and Water Conservation Districts led and directed federal programs that invested over $44,000,000 in federal funds in conservation projects across the state.
Without local Districts these federal funds could not be placed in Georgia.
  DeKalb County  SWCD has its own Board of Directors, with elected and appointed officials. These volunteer Boardmembers are responsible for promoting the conservation of soil, water, forestry, wildlife and other natural resources throughout DeKalb. In addition, the Supervisors promote conservation education through youth and adults education programs,  and provide citizens and local government with technical assistance related to erosion control and sedimentation prevention.

Conservation and Youth

DeKalb's Soil and Water Conservation District is a partner with the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) of Georgia , and the Upper Ocmulgee River Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D)  These organizations often collaborate to inspire in youth a sense of stewardship for Georgia's natural resources and wildlife. This includes encouraging additonal agencies to help enrich and expand opportunities for conservation-based education in DeKalb public school systems. It also includes actively supporting school gardens, offering public workshops and presentations, mentoring, and striving to increase awareness of agribusiness and conservation careers.

Supporting Urban Agribusiness

Conservationists with the USDA/NRCS support the diverse members of Atlanta's farming community through mentorship, education and resource connection, and with exciting funding opportunities,  recognizing that the needs of food producers within the metro Atlanta area are often different than those in more rural areas of the state.